History once again made at the Dodge Lodge

To the Expositor:

On Saturday, August 24, an important wedding took place at the legendary Dodge Lodge just outside of Kagawong. Heidi Schwarzli and Rob Martel were married at the former home of Daniel Dodge, heir to the Dodge Motor Company Fortune. The bride was given away by her father Bernie Schwarzli, the current owner of the Dodge Lodge along with his wife Cindy.

It was just over 75 years that a great tragedy happened at the lodge that still haunts the memory of this famous property. As a result, a bride and groom never got the chance to celebrate the life they could have had. Now an opportunity has befallen this historic site that will correct that injustice. A new chapter has now been written in the story of the Dodge Lodge because never before had a wedding taken place there. Happy times are back and Daniel and his bride Laurine are undoubtedly giving their blessing to Heidi and Rob for a long life together. May their spirits always watch over you.

The Billings Museum Board would like to congratulate Heidi and Rob on their marriage and offer their appreciation for choosing this location to celebrate it.

Sincerest wishes,
The Billings Museum Board