Hunter rescues fawn caught in fence

This fawn was recently rescued by an area resident near Gore Bay. The fawn had got its legs trapped in a fence.

GORE BAY – An area resident took action to help rescue a fawn deer that was trapped in a fence in a location near Gore Bay.

While the Recorder was unable to contact Corry Roberts-Newson prior to this week’s press deadline, a Facebook post on January 24 explained everything.

“It annoys me when people categorize hunters as all the same,” Mr. Roberts-Newson writes. “All they want is the best animal and the greatest kill. Well, let me tell you some information that all hunters aren’t the same. There are a good amount of us who still care about the animals and I just want the best for them. We follow the rules and help when we can.”

“Well today (Sunday, January 24), on my way home from Gore Bay dropping my mom off at work I saw this poor fawn caught in the fence,” he continues. “I had seen the deer not long before on my way into town running through the field and noticed another deer on the opposite side of the road just looking across the road on my way back. I look over and its hind legs are caught up (on the fence).”

“I took my pry bar and screw driver to get the fawn’s legs out,” continued Mr. Roberts-Newson. “Once out the fawn jumped up and ran away. I slowly watched it for about 10 minutes after I got it out to make sure it was okay. Its back legs are cut up a bit so watch out for the little fawn and hope for the best for it. If anyone around Gore Bay happens to get pictures of it still alive, let me know as I’m curious as to how its journey turns out.”