Ice caves return to Manitoulin’s south shore

The Leeson family of South Baymouth once again ventured out along the southwest shore of South Baymouth this past weekend, capturing some amazing shots of the ice caves/formations that can be found there. This natural phenomenon occurs when wind and water pushes ice up along the shore, gradually building layers of ice and pushing them ever higher––it is also known as ‘shove ice.’ The formations can be found approximately two kilometres from the South Baymouth Marina and span for about two-and-a-half kilometres. The ‘caves’ are not as high as last year, but some are as high 25 feet. The Expositor advises those venturing out to see the formations to exercise extreme caution and to follow the shoreline before venturing out onto the ice. The ice is not safe far from shore as one couple learned last year when they fell through on their snowmobile.

photos by Brent Leeson

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