UCCM Police announces January Positive ticket winner

UCCM Police present M’Chigeeng Positive Ticket campaign winner Courtney McGown-Abel with an Apple iPod.

M’CHIGEENG—On February 5, 2015 UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service held its first draw of the New Year for the M’Chigeeng Positive Ticket campaign. Congratulations goes out to Courtney McGown-Abel, the proud winner of an Apple iPod.

UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service looks forward to issuing more positive tickets over the remainder of the year and hopes that this program can be expanded to include more UCCMM communities in the near future.

What is this program about? The idea for this program was based on a program that Constable Nicole Miller, youth services officer from the Akwasasne Mohawk Police Services, developed. Part of Constable Miller’s portfolio was to engage and develop positive relationships with First Nations youth. As a police officer it was not always easy to have interactions positive with the public due to the nature of the job.

The question was, ‘How can you develop positive interactions with youth?’

The Positive Ticket program is a fun and easy way to develop positive interactions with you. These tickets are given to youth who were identified as doing something positive in their life or community. Teachers, parents, First Nation staff or community members can call the UCCM Anishinaabe Police to give a detailed description of what deed was done as well as the name and school the youth attended (or other contact information). Each month all youth who receive a positive ticket will get their name put into a draw for a prize.

The Positive Ticket program strives towards building safe communities, connecting communities, promoting positive relationships and encouraging personal growth.