Interest expressed in Sleeping Children Around the World

To the Expositor:

In the May 21 paper I was interested in your article of the UCW rally and especially Leslie Fields’ talk on Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW).

I have been donating since my first great-grandson was born. I now have eight. So each Christmas I donate in their names, as mine certainly don’t need gifts, as they have so much.

I’m only sorry I didn’t know about this SCAW organization when I travelled to many countries and could have been a volunteer.

My son Dr. Morris Hurley had the unique privilege one year when he was in Uganda. He met volunteers from Midland, Ontario. They told him where to be the next morning when they would be giving out the bed kits.

He was thrilled to see these children carrying their bundles around. He sent me pictures and said, “Mother, now you know your donations are being used where intended.”

I’ve been informed if I donate in June each year instead of in November, the pictures of the children who received these will have my grandchildren’s names printed on them. Now I have these to send at Christmas.

When I read about Leslie’s talk I thought my experience with SCAW might give people an idea for donating.

Thank you,
Margaret Hurley
Owen Sound (Island born)