Wasse-Abin Warriors compete in first-ever Spartan Run

The Wasse-Abin Warriors pose for a group shot during their recent Spartan Super race. The team includes Kaitlynn Recollet, Amber Lewis, Greg Trudeau, Starlee Kanasawe, Adrian Trudeau, Austin Pangowish, Dominic Desmoulin, Daniel Lewis, Brandon Shawana and teachers Matt Kernaghan and Nelson Wood.

CLARINGTON—On Sunday, June 8 in Clarington the Wasse-Abin Warriors conquered the Spartan Super—a 14-kilometre race with 21 obstacles and numerous steep hills to climb.

Along with 250 other competitors at the starting line, the nine Wasse-Abin Warriors were among the youngest teams at the event and possibly the only high school team competing. Being a new team to this up and coming sport there were a lot of different feelings students had. The Warriors were asked to record their thoughts prior to the race start, which included feelings of nervousness, intensity, and overcoming challenges. Warrior participant Kaitlynn Recollet stated that the Spartan Super was a “really good experience to push yourself.”

The day of the event was filled with an energy and excitement. The team had a 9:30 am start time, which was the second heat to run that day. The sun was shining and all the Warriors were ready to begin their journey and all crossed the finish line with a new sense of ability and accomplishment. “I feel like I can complete anything. This race pushed me to my limits. To be honest, I wanted to cry when I finished. I loved it!” stated Warrior Greg Trudeau.

After four hours of walking, running, swinging, jumping and climbing, the Spartan Super was more than a test of physical strength but also mental and emotional strength.

[pullquote]“Crossing that finish line was the best feeling! I was filled with accomplishment and pride!” stated Warrior Starlee Kanasawe.[/pullquote]

The students were an amazing group to train and compete with for this event. It was an opportunity to prepare youth to overcome life’s obstacles. See you at the starting line in 2015, Warriors. AROO!