Ireva Photography: Wikwemikong photographer grows business with creative edge and timeless shots

WIKWEMIKONG—Photographer Linda Roy of Wikwemikong has been an avid photographer for the past 15 years, but over the past four years Ms. Roy has turned that passion into a career, creatively capturing memories through her business Ireva Photography.

“I always loved playing with cameras, going back to grade school,” Ms. Roy told The Expositor. “As I grew up I continued to take photos, but got more into it when I moved to Toronto.”

When Ms. Roy returned to Manitoulin in 2010, photography had become her favourite hobby, taking photos of her children, landscapes and the life around her.

“Someone saw my photos on Facebook and took a chance on me, asking if I would be their wedding photographer,” Ms. Roy explained of how Ireva Photography was born. “After that things just snowballed.”

The name Ireva is Ms. Roy’s youngest daughter Averi’s name backwards. Ms. Roy also has another daughter, Shannon, who is six-years-old and a son Keigan, who is eight-years-old.

Ms. Roy said she is primarily self-taught, but has taken a number of workshops to develop her technical knowledge.

“I love being able to do what I love as a career,” explained Ms. Roy. “It doesn’t really seem like work to me. My favourite type of shoots are creative collaborations with other artists. I think what makes me unique as a photographer is that I’m always trying something new or different—I’m experimental.”

When Ms. Roy isn’t busy with creative shoots she, along with her mobile studio, can be found across Manitoulin photographing weddings, families and various functions.

“I commonly work on location and I often like to use the outdoors as a back drop,” she concluded. “I hope to continue to build my business and become more well known, and of course, continue to grow as a photographer.”

A sample of Ms. Roy’s photography is available on her Facebook page under Ireva Photography. Her hourly rate is $120 and can be reached for more information or for booking at 705-348-1161.

Robin Burridge