Island hoop dancer places third in major competition

Celina Cada-Matasawagon

OTTAWA—Celina Cada-Matasawagon, of Sheshegwaning First Nation (who now lives in Ottawa), placed third in her division at the Intermountain All Women’s Hoop Dance Competition held in Arizona recently.

“The competition is open to anyone,” Ms. Cada-Matasawagon told the Recorder on Friday of last week. “This is the first time they held a female only competition, with divisions from tots to seniors.” She said that at world hoop competitions, men and women and grouped together in the various divisions and “because men and women dance so different, women being more graceful and men being more proficient in throwing the hoops in the air, it can be quite frustrating for the women who are not recognized in the same way as the men in our efforts.”

“I placed third in the all-women’s hoop dance senior category,” Ms. Cada-Matasawagon told the Recorder, noting last year she placed second in the senior category at the competition, which was held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“This year about 45 other competitors altogether competed in my division, about the same as last year,” said Ms. Cada–Matasawagon. “Not there are not a lot of lot of Ontario competitors, a few overall from Canada, and many from California.”

Arizona, “is beautiful country,” said Ms. Cada-Matasawagon. “And luckily, it wasn’t too hot. We got there on the Wednesday, left on the Saturday and got home Monday night. It is a long haul travelling to and from Arizona. It was a bit of a vacation for us, but next year I think we might fly instead.”