Island landowners should merit anterless deer tags

To the Expositor:
I feel for you Bobby (‘Unfair allocation of antlerless deer tags,’ November 16, page 4). 2010 was the first year I can remember being turned down for an antlerless tag, although I think I missed one or two back in the 80s that have slipped my mind by now. While there is certainly merit in your suggestion that those missing one year get bumped up in the queue for the following year, I have another suggestion to add to the MNR tag allocation wish list.
If you are one of the ones feeding the deer, you should get an antlerless deer tag!
I’m currently paying taxes on 345 acres of land in 43B (300 jointly with my brother and sister) which includes a good mix of pasture land, farmed field, hardwood bush, evergreen bush and ample water supply. I have no idea how many deer call this land home although I am fairly certain there are more than the single buck I was allowed to harvest last year.
My question is; why are those of us who feed and house these deer year after year ending up tagless while someone who owns no land on Manitoulin Island gets an antlerless tag just to show up and trophy hunt, wrapping that tag around an antler of a prime breeding aged buck?  While my idea may not be welcomed by my two cousins from across the bridge that hunt with us, it only makes sense.
Gord Keatley