Kudos for The Expositor editor and questions for council

More information needs to be shared with the taxpayer

To the Expositor:

I have many reasons for writing this letter. The most important is to thank The Expositor, and especially Alicia McCutcheon, for attending and reporting on the Assiginack council meetings, thereby informing the people of decisions made which will effect us financially, and in other ways, for many years. Without her council news and related articles, most taxpayers would know little.

With the 2015 municipal budget due to be passed at any time (May 5) there are many questions that should be asked and answered! Here are a few (there are too many for one letter):

  1. Why are we, the taxpayers, just now finding out “officially” that the property purchased for the relocation of the library is unsuitable, even after engineers have been involved since before the purchase?
  2. Where is the money coming from, not just for the purchase of the property, but for the massive and expensive renovations of two buildings?
  3. Why are major decisions made without public input?
  4. What have council and municipal staff done to reduce our taxes if they are expected to go up two percent?
  5. With so much long-term debt, how much is left in our reserves when everything seems to come in “over budget.” (How much of the 1.5 million that we had in 2010 is left?)

Please people, get informed, pay attention and get involved.

Most importantly, why are we not being told what is going on?

Thanks again to the paper for passing on the information you get.

A loyal reader,

Valerie Phillips, Assiginack Taxpayer

P.S. I have many more questions to ask!