Kudos to bus drivers across the Manitoulin District

To the Expositor:

Re: Bus service to Rainbow schools, District of Manitoulin

To whom it may concern,

If you can visualize a burning candle and again visualize how easy it is to extinguish the flame it produces, you can appreciate how easy it is for a life to be taken from us so easily in the case of an accident.

I draw this comparison to our cherished and valued bus drivers on the District of Manitoulin and how delicate are the souls that they carry each day. Every person who is involved with our schools touches the lives of families more they can even comprehend.

Nothing more so in the case of our bus drivers. Travelling at highway speeds, stopping to pick up and discharge their precious cargo, our kids. They do this in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. They must drive defensively at all times, expecting the unexpected to happen.

To the dedicated bus drivers who transport our kids each day, thanks. Your part in this big wheel of education, more so than others, is one that carries with it a huge amount of potential danger and requires an ever sharp attention to each nanosecond in your daily calling.

Your employers who have trained and chosen you did well in the selection of their drivers. Others may set your routes, require you to operate on a schedule, but it is you and only you that puts it all together and makes it work.


Larry B. Killens, trustee

South Baymouth