Kudos to Debajehmujig

A better late than never congratulatory note

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter came to us on Monday, July 25 and was slated for the Wednesday, July 27 paper. Due to space constraints, the letter did not go in that week and, by error, was not moved ahead in the electronic filing system for future insertion. The Expositor regrets the error, especially concerning the time restraints that were involved. The spirit of the letter is important as this paper traditionally encourages positive feedback on Island initiatives.

To the Expositor:

Friday, July 22 I attended the opening of ‘A Side Of Dreams’ at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre. A multi-media presentation of music, lights, singing, masks and puppets coupled with fine acting and a strong script resulted in as strong a performance as you will see anywhere. The only disappointment was the size of the audience. I urge anyone who has time this week (performances until July 30) to attend. You will be surprised at the level of professionalism on Manitoulin Island.  

Leanne Johns
Guelph and Tehkummah