Unsigned letter wreaks havoc in Tehkummah

Expositor article should have had better clarification

To the Expositor:

In response to Robin Burridge’s article last week ‘Tehkummah ratepayers petition government.’

I was under the impression that reporters try to fact find and print the unbiased truth. Her article obsesses over a letter unsigned, author unknown, facts not verified…smelling like a witch hunt!

She sat through a meeting where an accredited auditor explained the books stating in conclusion that they were balanced and all monies were accounted for. I understand this as “no misconduct” on the part of present and past council and including past employees.

It’s a shame that this was not clarified in her article.

Loretta Mucha

EDITOR’S RESPONSE: In the January 25 edition, The Expositor reported that a petition was being circulated in Tehkummah by ratepayers and spoke to the clerk about the recent history that may have prompted the petition. The article also included the fact that the municipal auditor, Corey Houle, attended a council meeting where ratepayers asked questions and included his responses to questions regarding the municipality’s audited 2015 financial statements. The Expositor contacted the Ministry of Municipal Affairs inquiring about the petition, asking if it had been received. The ministry was unable to comment due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.