Lack of police services in Wikwemikong a cause for concern to band member

“An increase in police presence might save lives”

To the Expositor:

As a Wikwemikong band member, I would like to address the lack of police services currently being provided to the community. There is a “gap” in the hours of service; there is no police patrol between the hours of 4 am to 8 am.

Last fall, there was a hit and run incident. As a result, my nephew has a permanent head injury. This impaired driver should have been arrested and might have been arrested if the Wikwemikong Tribal Police were on patrol. The police cannot charge anyone for impaired driving if they are at home sleeping, not on call.

More recently, a homicide took place and it took one hour after the first 9-1-1 call for the Wikwemikong Tribal Police to get to the scene. The ambulance had also been called and they responded accordingly, but they were not allowed to get to the victim because the Wikwemikong Tribal Police were not present at the scene. This victim was still alive for some time and might have survived if the Wikwemikong Tribal Police had responded quickly. By the time the police arrived, it was already too late.

Now, I have a son and a brother charged with murder.

There is a lot of crime on the rise here in Wikwemikong, especially late at night and early morning hours. There are break and enters, thefts, drug deals, assaults, impaired driving, etc… and the crime rate continues to grow.

Where there’s a problem, there is a solution. As a concerned citizen and band member of Wikwemikong, I would recommend there should be 24 hour, round the clock police services. Another option might be to bring the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) onto the reserve for the shift of 12 am to 8 am. I was told there are costs associated with that suggestion, but I say having an increased police presence might save lives, never mind the dollars. If Wikwemikong could invest in a hotel project in Little Current in the amount of $800,000 dollars, then Wikwemikong should invest in the lack of police services.


Irvin Oshkabewisens

Wikwemikong band member