Larry Killens raises concerns over Tehkummah fire hall

To the Expositor:

To whom it may concern,

I attended a council meeting in Tehkummah on July 16, 2012. I have two concerns, one of which I wish to be placed on the agenda to seek guidance and advice and answers where they feel appropriate, from our township council.

It was my luck that council did address the subject I was interested in. I was so pleased to see that council, in my view, is sharing the very same concerns that I have to some extent and obviously have been dealing with said issue previously. Please excuse my ignorance as to how much area has been covered by council. I reiterate that I am pleased with councils attention to this matter from what I can see, an early stage.

I speak of the overrun on the budget/expenditures in relation to the new township fire hall. I know that I am not alone in my concerns and find it very sad that it is a constant topic of discussion via the rumor mill in the community. As council will probably agree with me, the rumour mill is the wrong place to look for truth. I choose to bring it to those who are charged with and to date in my estimate performed in an exemplary manner, our interests. Like council, I need to keep my fingers on the pulse of the community to better serve their needs and advocate for their wishes all be it, in education, not municipal expenditures.

I wish to speak to council/be placed on the agenda in my role as a ratepayer and concerned citizen. I speak for myself and no one else.

The following are questions I have in mind that need to be answered in order to lay aside innuendoes and rumours that need to be stopped.

1. Who was the winning tender to construct this building?

2. Who is the engineer?

3. If there is more than one entity hired to complete the structure, who is the project manager?

4. Has an explanation been offered to explain the cost overrun?

5. Exactly how much in dollars, is the overrun and options being considered to meet the financial shortfall?

6. What was the original project cost that council approved?

7. Is the project past a projected completion date? How does the successful tender explain failure to meet the date?

8. If there is no project manager, did council get to share this information and who approved the hiring and payment of additional contractors? Was there competition tenders and did the additional contractors submit bids on the work?

I close my letter again thanking council for the concern they showed at the meeting I attended and assure them I feel comforted that they, as I understand, have stopped all funding and additional monies until they personally review the shortfalls if any, and obtain answers as to why this project has what appears to be out of control. They have gone an extra distance and are visiting the site.

If council will allow me to be heard, please advise a suitable date for me to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Killens, Tehkummah Township ratepayer

South Baymouth