Larry Killens tackles hydro issues

To the Expositor:

It is so easy to see or find fault with the increasingly poor ethics and lost customer confidence in Hydro One as well earning a less than respectable reputation.

For most people their hydro costs are less than their additional charges.

Customers are now charged a fee for using their credit card of choice and equally astounding, the more the Hydro One customer pays towards their bill, the more the fee is. This “fee” is a savings for Hydro One and yet not reflected on our bills.

Further, the additional fee discourages those like myself who are wanting to pay in advance their monthly bill. I usually like to pay two months in advance via credit card so now I am charged/penalized for doing so.

You would almost think this is managed by the Ontario government i.e. ‘a penny saved is a government oversight.’

Larry Killens

South Baymouth