Let’s prepare for the most blessed of arrivals

So often we heartily wish each other a Merry Christmas with peace on earth, but where in the stressed out hustle and bustle of the commercial feeding frenzy that too often characterizes the days leading up to that day do we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace?

Peace seems to be all sold out on store shelves no matter how hard we search the bargain bins. Only by pausing to remind ourselves that these days of advent leading up to the coming of the Christ Child should really be about preparing for that most blessed of arrivals can we truly find the treasure that we seek. Advent is a time of reconciliation, a time to be alert to the peace that can only be found when we stop to search for his love within our own hearts. Only through reconciliation with our Creator, our God, will we come to know that peace and one of the surest paths to reconciliation with God lies in prayer—with Jesus Christ.

Bring Jesus Christ back into Christmas and recognize that December 25 is the day we celebrate the coming of the greatest gift of all—our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was born among us through God’s deep love for all of humankind. So take time to help someone in need this Christmas and offer them the gift of peace and love and you will soon discover that the peace you have been seeking in your life was there to be discovered all along.

Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Father George Gardner

St. Bernard’s Catholic Church

Little Current