Letter: A poetic take on the COVID-19 pandemic

When is this madness going to end—in rhyme

To the Expositor:

Let’s turn it into a song

When is all this craziness going to end

When your marriage is strained in the best of times

And then here comes along COVID-19

And then there, our children that drive you out of your minds

And especially when they’re not even 19

And then let’s not forget the wife

That used to be the love of your life

Screaming at you, saying that you’re lazy

Your whole world is falling apart, it’s crazy

Chorus- and then here comes along COVID-19

And it’s not known not even, 2019

It’s now into 2020

And the old coronavirus is still around

And old coronavirus is taking away our plenty

And if we’ve not careful, we will all be in the ground

And now we all have to protect our hands and face

And the coronavirus is keeping us in our place

And, and, and, and we can’t even for a drive

Because the expert say that will keep us alive

Chorus- our whole word is falling apart

And all this craziness is breaking my little ole cotton picking heart

When is all this craziness going to end

When can you tell me that my friend

When you know call me

Lyman Corbiere