Letter: A vote for Joe Biden in the debate wars

Writer believes the former US vice-president will put the American house in order

To the Expositor:

I did watch the first presidential debate and I believe a lot of people did too because of what is going on in the United States. I think Joe Biden won the first round and as for Trump, he was just a very loud-mouthed person who has no respect for anybody and has no sense at all what is going on. When asked about white supremacist groups, he never condemned them, and why? Because these are his supporters maybe. Maybe he is one of them too just by the way he has been acting toward other nationalities. It is already starting to show signs that he will not accept the election results if he should lose. Even the Republicans are in on it. I’m very suspicious of Trump too, what is he up to? Especially willing to go to any length just to stay in power if he loses the election. I think the citizens are being kept in the dark about Trump’s true motives for the United States. Another thing he is more worried about the stock market then its citizens who are struggling and becoming homeless. 

The United States used to be a better country until Trump became president. Sure, there used to be protests but not as bad as it is now. Today it is just chaos everywhere. Actually, I think it’s lawless right now. I have never seen anything like that before and with this coronavirus its best just to keep our borders closed even into next year until the United States gets its country back in order. Let’s just hope Joe Biden wins the election—I believe he will put the United States back in order and under control.

Ronald Osawabine