Letter: An expat Anishinaabe veteran weighs in on all things Manitoulin

On Manitoulin we have climate change four times a year and we love it

To the Expositor:

Manitoulin Island, you’re the most beautiful Island in the world, you’re so long and lean with farms and lakes and streams in between with spring-fed lakes. Every lake you see out there has a boat and a man fishing. The water is so clear you can see 10 feet down.

Manitoulin Island was once an Indian island back in the early 1800s. There were about five or six different tribes living on the Island, and as you know native Indians are the kindest and gentlest people in the world. They invited the white man to share our paradise Island with them, they cleared the land and farmed and shared their crops together. This Island was self-supporting. 

We love our home-cooked meals, we have our favourite restaurants in every little town. 

On the Island is the only place where you’ll find Indian fried steak bologna, hot buns, mustard and corn on the cob. That is why the kids are chubby and the girls are so pretty because they are corn-fed.

You can tell I’m from an Island reservation. Now I’m 96 years old, senile, a WWII vet from D Day in Normandy, 1944. I got to be honest I was a scared Indian; this was the battle of no return, but I volunteered for the service. I was a brave hero. I have seen a lot of country, I worked my way around 10 countries in Europe. I guess I was a hobo. 

Nova Scotia to Vancouver in Canada. New York to California. Anchorage, Alaska from Fairbanks, I even went fishing on the Aleutian Islands. Mexico to Cancun, I had little money and I spent a little money. Money is the root of all evil, it makes you think you are better than everybody else. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder. People say it’s climate change. On Manitoulin Island we have climate change four times a year and we love it. It’s not the change, the people have changed.

Justin Roy

Mesa, Arizona (formerly M’Chigeeng)

P.S. I have no education, but I bought this Telikin computer, I talk to it and it types what I’m saying and it prints to my printer. I dropped out of Kindergarten and I’m glad I got my education by keeping my ears and eyes open and my mouth shut. People you used to respect one another and now all I see is people criticizing one another.