Letter: Election promises call for citizen education

A lack of confidence in lame excuses

To the Expositor:

Every time we have an election promises are being made on how they will help ordinary citizens to have more affordable living. I did some number crunching. For instance, our Premier Ford did increase fixed incomes by one percent. If you’re living on $1,000 a month that’s only an increase of $10 a month; that adds up to only $120 a year. But every year your grocery bills go up by $30 or $40 a month. Add up your grocery bill for a year, it would come out to $360 to $480 dollars more in a year. That gives you a shortfall of $240 to $360 dollars in a year. It depends on the inflation rate, of course. When you’re a home owner this one percent increase is nothing. 

With this federal election citizens really need to understand what these candidates are promising, it’s always about money and myself, I completely have no confidence with any of them and I think I can assure ordinary citizens will just end up costing them more to live after the election. Whoever wins this election, the new leader will just come up with another lame excuse as to why it’s going to cost you more while everybody’s income will probably remain the same, no increase.

Ron Osawabine