Letter: Hip hip hurray to Manitoulin Passage Ride

And its organizers and volunteers

To the Expositor:

As participants in this recent two-day cycling event, we would like to shout out a huge “hurray” to organizers Maja Mielonen and Guy Nielen and their many volunteers for producing a high quality, successful attraction to Manitoulin Island, especially significant in the shoulder season.

Huge praise for:

•Cycling lanes on local highways

•Exceptional cycling route organization

•Ride support and mechanical assistance

•High quality meals and snacks

•Live entertainment

•Assistance in local accommodation

A huge spin-off effect is realized as local businesses and organizations benefit from over 200 cyclists arriving on Manitoulin.

May we suggest to local municipal leaders that it is in your best interest to support Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates—a hard-working, not-for-profit local organization.

Thank you!

Jack and Joyce Varieur

Central Manitoulin