Letter: Hurray for the Raptors as Manitoulin’s Toronto expats rejoice

Feeling happy and proud

To the Expositor:

Torontonians on Manitoulin Island are celebrating along with all of the coverage on the media of the celebrations in Toronto today. A couple of million fans and new fans are in the streets and glued to their television sets, greeting the Raptors home. At a concert in Whitefish Falls we found a member of the quartet and some of the audience from Toronto. “Yay, Raptors,” was the greeting of the evening. The music and the vibes were an extra treat of the evening.  

We live on Manitoulin for half of the year and love it. We miss Toronto and our family some of the time, especially like this. At this time, I appreciate the new technology—thank you wifi.

I am a painter, just easing my way into the art community in the North and in Gore Bay on the Island. I will be in the art tour for the first time this year and am genuinely looking forward to meeting some fellow artists and neighbours. My little corner will be at Fish Point Studio in Gore Bay where my out-of-the-ordinary paintings will make their debut.

On this most beautiful sunny day, feeling happy and proud, 

Jean Rodak

Toronto and Manitoulin