Letter: Let’s face it, we’re the problem

Dear Editor:

If we all keep doing what we are doing we will destroy ourselves, and that’s guaranteed.

Waiting sometimes can be the hardest and can be sometimes the longest and can be hard to bear. The hardest to get the answer to your questions is the longest. But if there was one good thing about the coronavirus, we are starting to see blue skies again and if we are lucky, maybe we will have clean air to breathe again, all because people are not driving their cars as much as they used to. There are hardly any planes flying and them big trucks, big polluting ships polluting the water with filth and destroying the purity of our water and corrupting and polluting our skies. But it seems our planet has a way of fighting back. 

It’s time, you people, to wake up and time to open your eyes. With all of our fossil fuel-burning society. People in general considered as living in a relationship with one and another in one world and not only applied with people with wealth, rich or poor, we as a society are all to blame. It’s time we quit pointing fingers and who’s at fault, it’s your fault, not my problem. It is your problem and let’s quit saying the coronavirus. The time has come to face reality, people; it is us that is the problem and if we keep doing what we are doing we will destroy ourselves and that’s guaranteed.

Lyman Corbiere


P.S.: Everything that’s happening to our world and us is all because of the almighty dollar and not the almighty power. But in God we should all say amen. To that amen and amen and amen to that and for God and us to express solemn assent or approval.