Letter: Like a tandem bicycle, running a township requires teamwork

Dear Editor:

I found the last letter in The Recorder of March 13 on the workings of Billings council to be, for the most part, well written and informative. A bylaw is cited, stating that decision making be responsive to the needs of the constituents. I take this to mean all constituents, not just those who make the most noise.

Later in the letter the term “supporters of current council” is used as though it were a bad disease to be avoided at all cost. Conversely, I believe that a town council needs the support of all its constituents. This does not, however, negate our responsibility to keep up on current issues and make our opinions known in constructive ways.

Running a township is very much like riding a tandem bicycle, all members of the team—the municipal staff, council, committees and members of the public—must pedal together to reach a desired destination. If some riders continually drag their feet or worse, dismount and poke sticks through the spokes, the machine will grind to a halt.

I totally agree with her closing statement that everyone should get to know how their community works and participate.

If possible, take a couple of hours from your busy schedule, take in a council meeting and watch the people you elected not long ago protect and promote your interests.

Doug Alkenbrack