Letter: Not hurting business in Little Current is important

But a single navigational channel is a bad idea

To the Expositor:

I understand that the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands has a certain criteria for a new bridge. Basically, the message is it should not impact businesses or citizens negatively. I concur wholeheartedly.

With that in mind, several options including the fixed bridge, tunnel and a moveable bridge entering Little Current near the old Kool it Ice building have been removed. Another option of ‘do nothing’ has also been removed.  

That leaves us with two options. One is a bascule draw bridge and the other is a swing bridge. Both would be two-lane.

The town and council have thrown their support behind the bascule draw bridge.

Personally, when I compare the two my support is firmly behind the two-lane swing bridge.

These are the reasons:

1. The swing bridge option resembles the existing heritage swing bridge. The bascule draw bridge does not.

2. The swing bridge option will provide the same “charming and iconic” appeal. The bascule bridge does not.

3. The swing bridge will provide two navigational channels of approximately 42 metres wide. The bascule bridge does not. (It provides only one navigational channel of approximately 35 metres.)

4. After contacting the Swing Bridge Study Group (905-381-3249). I was informed, and I quote, “Neither the bascule bridge or swing bridge will result in a direct impact to the Manitoulin Tourism Association building. However, alignment two in particular result in minor impacts to the entrance/access of the property where the building is located.”

I have to point out that the bascule option may be a bit quicker than the swing bridge option at first glance. However, taking into consideration the amount of current we have in the channel it seems much safer to me to have two navigational channels than one. 

In conclusion, I urge people to get informed, I urge people to contact the study group at 905-381-3249 and the Town at 705-368-3500 to voice your opinion whether you agree with mine or not. Now is the time to get involved. We need to know if the old bridge comes down or gets moved. We need to know that entering our beautiful Island will be the best it can be. The familiar in a two-lane version gets my vote.


Susan Allan

Little Current