Letter: Old School plan saddens

Delay the impending destruction

To the Expositor:
The recent decision of Central Manitoulin Council’s planning committee saddens me. The committee’s recommendation to destroy the old Mindemoya Continuation School is to go before council for ratification at the December 17 meeting. If this decision reaches final acceptance by council, it will mean the removal of a monument of historic and sentimental value.

The legacy it leaves goes far beyond its bricks and mortar, deep into the founding and growth of our township. Once the pride of another Carnarvon council 100 years ago, this building served township constituents for many years with education, socialization and the teaching of human behavioural values. It taught self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence and the desire to make the world and one’s own life better. Next year, the school will be 100 years old, making it a candidate for heritage grant money.
Central Manitoulin Council, the decision is yours. You can delay the impending destruction to see what could be done with the building when designated as a heritage site. Your decision will become your legacy.

Jim Smith