Letter: Quoting the same article as proof of the proof isn’t proof

Polar bears are not universally benefitting from climate change

To the Expositor:

I thank Shane Desjardins for continued entertainment, in regards to his latest self-important rant, cherry picking information that suits his head-in-the-sand stance on climate change (‘The polar bear climate change debate continues,’ October 28, Page 4). I previously pointed out that Mr. Desjardins’ misunderstanding of the Kane Basin study was not based on an evidence free “opinion piece,” but in fact quotes from the very same research paper, published on September 23 in Global Change Biology, the basis of his letters to the editor. 

My response referred to an article at Radio Canada International, ‘Some High Arctic polar bears temporarily benefit from thinning ice: study,’ that quote from the study’s lead author Kristin Laidre, a polar scientist at the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory’s Polar Science Center. ‘We find that a small number of the world’s polar bears that live in multi-year ice regions are temporarily benefiting from climate change. However, if emissions of greenhouse gases continue unabated and the climate keeps warming, within decades these polar bears will likely face the same fate as their southern cousins, who are already suffering from declining sea ice. The duration of these benefits is unknown. Under unmitigated climate change, we expect the Kane Basin bears to run into the same situation as polar bears in the south—it’s just going to happen later,’ Laidre said.

I am glad the smug Mr. Desjardins can still find humour from delusional climate change denying cartoons. To quote from William Blake, ‘Two men read the Bible in the night, one reads the black and one reads the white.’ 

Derek Stephen McPhail