Letter: Speed concerns

Why no fines?

To the Expositor:

Have you ever sat and watched the traffic go by on Highway 540 between the Little Current town sign and the curve by the Anglican cemetery? We do, because we live beside that stretch of road.

Someone, such as the OPP, could rake in a fortune on offences, which no one seems concerned about! The biggest problem by far is speed. It seems as though many (but not all) drivers, both personal and commercial, leaving town put the accelerator on the floor when they pass the town sign. The speed limit rises to 60 km/h, not 70, or 80 or?

With the many driveways, some of which have restricted visibility, this is a dangerous situation! Fortunately, there have been few accidents, but there have been many “ close calls.” It is only a matter of time before someone is injured or killed.

Vehicles approaching town are just as careless. They often do not start to slow down until they reach the curve, then start to brake hard, to slow down a little.

Then there is the huge problem of noise! Some vehicles may have defective exhaust systems, but many, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, commercial vehicles, especially dump trucks, it seems that they must get where they are going at optimum speed, or they are just “showing off.” The noise seems to be deliberate. The worst, by far, are many motorcycles.

Finally, there are the HTA violations. Unsafe loads, aggregate loads with no covers in place, trucks towing trailers (not fifth wheel) to which is attached a boat or box trailer.

We have even seen impatient drivers passing on the double solid lines, including passing school busses, with the flashers going!

Whoever should be curtailing these infractions are rarely to be seen, and even more rarely is a vehicle stopped. These situations need looking into, and if warranted, penalties assigned.

We hope this will start happening!

Robert Paxton

Little Current