Letter: A family tribute to our late Tehkummah Talk columnist

Memories of a life well lived

A tribute to my sister Pat Hall
What can I say about Pat,
She always had lots of cats,
Her heart it would beat,
Her manners were sweet,
And gossip was never a fact.
She loved her town
And folks all around,
There wasn’t a person she met,
She would say “have a wonderful day”
And you’d be in her column, I bet.
She wrote Talk and Times
And made lots of rhymes
And even published a book or two.
Never forgot to mention someone
Anytime she met me or you.
She had a kind heart
And this was a part
As she drove her mail truck each day.
The doggies would wait
For her at the gate
Because she brought treats every day.
She’d stop in at moms
And tasted her buns,
Most delicious
Just out of the stove;
Then go on her way
As she finished her day
And wave at each one
As she drove.
She would stop for a chat
And a friendly hello
To everyone she knew on her way.
And take time to call out to everyone,
“I hope you have a good day.”
This went on for years
As the mail she dropped off
To newcomers and all everyday.
She hummed as she drove,
Had candy for kids,
As she thought of each one on the way.
As time went on
Her and Mom got along.
They seemed more like sisters,
So rare.
If you can recall
The places they went,
We always knew
Both would be there.
They went out for dinner,
Country music and shows
And danced at the Tehkummah Hall.
They sang together
The songs that they loved,
And they would remember them all.
Like ‘Put me in your Pocket’
And ‘Storms never Last’
Were some of their favourite songs.
I would be so proud
And all of the crowd
Would cheer and encourage them on.
I’m sure we will miss
Seeing her around,
Our sister, mother, grandmother and friend,
It seems like a dream
But I can’t wake up to hear her voice once again.
But God has a way
To change seasons and time.
A reason we don’t understand,
So, this tribute’s for you
‘Til we met again,
And our hearts no more
They will roam.
Together again
Where love never ends
And finally, at last
We’ll be home.
Love you Pat,
July 16, 2020
Mollie McCauley
Winnipeg, Manitoba