Letter: The sanity of assault gun bans is demonstrated south of the border

A different take on a very contentious issue that most Canadians would agree with

To the Expositor:

Unfortunately for your recent correspondence (‘New assault gun ban transforms Canada into a dictatorship,’ June 3, Page 5), I believe that most Canadians will in fact support a ban on assault-type weapons. If anyone doubts the sanity of such an action, just take a look south of our border to see the inevitable long-term result. 

In the USA, despite the Sandy Hook massacre of small children and numerous other mass shootings, we actually hear of people who support the ownership of such guns as a ‘God-given right!’ And they are supported and encouraged by the ideological madmen known as the National Rifle Association.

Perhaps it was all a matter of misunderstandings in the first place! Someone told me that, when the founding fathers were meeting to frame the American constitution, it was a very hot day and they all actually voted for ‘the right to BARE arms’ meaning that they could take their jackets off; unfortunately that got misconstrued and now they have to live with the inevitable result. Let’s make sure that we don’t do something similar. Better to encourage the gun fanatics to move south! 


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay