Letter: The yield sign at the bottom of Meredith needs to be a stop sign

Same applies to the merge lane by Hilltop Shell

To the Expositor:

It appears that traffic control signs have very little meaning to many, if not most drivers today. Very few drivers actually stop at stop signs, the worst example being Meredith and Worthington stop signs.

The same thing applies with the yield sign at the merge lane by Hilltop Shell, Highway 6 and Meredith. Many drivers just take a quick glance, then surge out into traffic. Many times, I have had to brake hard to avoid a collision, especially when someone is racing to get across the bridge when it is operational.

If the sign was a stop sign, there would be a more definite onus on the part of all drivers to allow the east bound traffic to continue.

I believe this situation should be carefully considered.

Thank you.

Robert Paxton

Little Current