Letter: You must give up your luxurious ways to fight climate change

The change has to come from you

To the Expositor:

Climate change, everybody is complaining about it, but there is nothing that can be done about it. If anybody can think clearly about what is going on around the world today with all the pollution that is happening. We have thousands of jets and planes flying around every minute of the day and then those rockets they are sending up into space. We have millions of cars on the roads every minute. We have all of this mining that is happening taking out millions of tons of minerals from our Mother Earth. I think that is causing our Mother Earth’s magnetic field to go out of balance, it is also affecting our climate in a way too on top of this global warming. When you disturb Mother Earth’s ecosystem that will do it. With this technology that is coming out where do you think it is coming from? Well, it’s coming from our Mother Earth. Mankind wants to make life easier for people and citizens are very happy with this technology and having fun with it. Well citizens will end up paying dearly for it. If they do not let go of their luxury ways our Mother Earth may come to an end and I know better. They will not let go of their luxury ways so why are you complaining about climate change? The change has to come from you, there is no doubt about it either. For me, I’m not too afraid the world’s coming to an end.

Ron Osawabine