LETTERS: In this time of environmental awareness, why plastic bags?

Paper bags bring kudos to businesses offering them to bag customers’ purchases

To the Expositor:

It is way beyond comprehension why, in a time when climate change and reducing waste is front and center, all of a sudden two of our weekly grocery flyers come packaged in a plastic bag. We are charged $0.05 for a plastic bag in their stores in an attempt to reduce that plastic waste. So why? No matter your opinion on climate change or a matter of principle this needs to be stopped. It is a small matter, but every small bit is a help. 

We had occasion to stop at Home Hardware in Espanola last week and our purchase was put in a paper bag. The lady told us they are now using paper. No more plastic bags. If this is true, kudos to them.

Thank you.

Judy Wood

Green Bay