LETTERS: Meldrum Bay Lighthouse recognition missing from Griffon story

Hopefully people will discover the beauty it has to offer on their own

To the Expositor:

I am writing this letter in regard to the article which appeared in the paper of Wednesday, April 3, concerning the TV special on the Le Griffon shipwreck to air on May 8 on Discovery Channel.

Although well written and very informative, there was one major letdown to the tourism on Manitoulin Island that I am concerned about.

My concern deals with the Meldrum Bay Lighthouse Campground. Very few tourists are aware of the beauty offered on the West End of the Island which played a big part in the process of filming this story of the Le Griffon.

The Discovery Channel team had approached the operators of the Meldrum Bay Lighthouse campground for lodging facilities in the park during their filming of this program. The staff of the campground were thrilled to have such an exciting event take place in Meldrum Bay. They set out to make these special visitors welcomed.

My disappointment was the exclusion of any mention of the unique Lighthouse facilities and the part it played in the overall production of this program.

It would be my hope that people will discover the Meldrum Bay Campground for themselves to enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

I appreciate this opportunity to voice my concern.

Marilyn Norris

Little Current