Little Current Library News

What’s new at your library?

With weather finally turning milder, Island residents are looking to re-connect with neighbours and join into activities. The Library at 50 Meredith Street is the perfect place to say hello to friends and perhaps keep your goal of being a life-long learner.

The Library now has a Facebook page. From your own Facebook account a simple search for the NEMI Public Library website will bring you right to us. This is one aspect of the Library’s goal, to keep up with new technologies that are affecting our lives on a daily basis.

The year-long technology program led by Wes Cline and funded by New Horizons for Seniors is winding down this week. Many patrons, though, say they still don’t feel Internet savvy so the Library is organizing some additional classes on Wednesday afternoons using new facilitators. Pop into the Library to get topics and dates. Or check them out on Facebook!

Art at the Library: patrons can bring their own supplies and join the “Creation Station” on Friday mornings. Socialize and work on your masterpiece at the same time. Also, upcoming workshops led by local artists will be announced in this paper. Meanwhile, the Art Committee is making plans for a spring display featuring work by local children with the co-operation of Little Current Public School.

Staff have been busy shelving new books. Some readers will want to check out Lynda Laplante’s latest ‘Backlash;’ she’s the writer behind the TV series ‘Prime Suspect.’ Fans of Charles Todd will want to read his newest, ‘A Fine Summer’s Day’ just in. As for DVDs, the fifth season of Downton Abbey is now available.

Canada Reads, CBC’s annual battle of the books, has generated interest in Canadian writers. Put in your vote for the best of the final five at the Library. There is always something new to discover at the NEMI Public Library.