Northeast Town Council Notes

Ontario Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing

OPP Manitoulin Detachment Community Services Officer Al Boyd attended council last Tuesday along with Staff Sergeant Kevin Webb to give a deputation on the OPP’s Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing. Mayor Al MacNevin thanked the pair for attending, reminding council that they requested the deputation after learning about the model from Councillor Bruce Wood who represents council on the Community Policing Advisory Committee.

He explained that the model consists of four main components: enforcement and crime suppression, community engagement and liaison, community mobilization and crime prevention and community safety and consultation.

He added that these components make up a continuum of care and that each officer is trained using with this model.

Using examples of police response on Manitoulin over the last 20 years such as drinking and driving, speeding, Haweater rowdiness and children drowning, Constable Boyd discussed how the model helped the Manitoulin Detachment of the OPP address these issues and find solutions for the Island community.

Council grants landfill extension to AOK

Northeast Town CAO Dave Williamson informed council that Aundeck Omni Kaning (AOK) First Nation had contacted the town requesting another extension on its landfill agreement.

“The process of closing their landfill (AOK) is taking longer than they expected,” explained Mr. Williamson. “You granted them a one year extension last year and they are now asking for another year as they finish closing theirs.”

“I know it’s a complicated process and they are good neighbours so I have no problem supporting their request,” said Councillor Mike Erskine.

“I will also support this,” added Councillor Marcel Gauthier. “They are good partners.”

Councillor Paul Skippen was hesitant, stating that he was concerned for the life of the Northeast Town landfill and requested staff look into the cost of trucking waste off-Island to a landfill.

Council carried a motion, extending the landfill use agreement with AOK at an increased rate of five percent over the current rate for a one-year term ending March 31, 2016.

Approves landfill monitoring report

Council reviewed and accepted the Little Current Landfill Site Annual Monitoring Report for 2014.

Town endorses sewer and water line warranty program

Council discussed how a number of residents in the municipality were dealing with frozen waterlines on their property this winter due to extremely cold temperatures. Mr. Williamson explained that he had learned about a company through AMO (Association of Municipalities Ontario), which provides a sewer and water line warranty program to individuals.

“The company, Service Line Warranty Canada (SLWC), only markets to residents in areas where the municipality has endorsed them and only markets to residents twice a year,” explained Mr. Williamson, noting that the company uses local contractors to thaw frozen lines up to $5,000 for water and $8,000 for sewer and that the warranty for both was $137 annually (or $64 for water line coverage and $73 for sewer line coverage).

Council carried a motion authorizing the mayor and CAO to enter into an agreement under the terms and conditions of LAS for a sewer and water line warranty program with SLWC.

Town to upgrade street lights to LED

Mr. Williamson brought forward a suggestion from town staff to upgrade the town’s streetlights to LED. The program from RealTerm Energy assesses the existing streetlight network, installs the new LED lights, recycles the old fixtures and transfers the warranties.

Mr. Williamson noted that the company uses a local contractor and that the switch would save the municipality $40,000 a year after the two year payback.

Council authorized town staff to proceed with the implementation of the LED street lighting program and authorized the use of $121,000 of the gas tax deferred revenue to fund the project.

Financial reports

The administration and finance committee reviewed the municipal vouchers for February, as well as accounts receivable reports for water/sewer and taxes.

For water/sewer there were $37,680.30 made in payments in February, but 16 accounts were over the $500 overage limit leading to eight disconnects. Six of the 16 individuals were notified and two of the account overages were due to penalty added for February.

There were $1,210,459.01 made in payments for taxes in February. The next due date for taxes is April 24.

Town funding request rejected

Council learned that the Northeast Town had been rejected for the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) Application Based Component which staff had applied for to replace the cast iron water pipes in Ward 2.

“All applications were reviewed, assessed and ranked based on the criteria as outlined in the program manual (section 6.2). The total funding requested exceeds the funding available at this time and as a result, not all applications could be funded,” stated the letter to the town from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.