Little Current Public School wins track and field championship

Nothing to it! Sophie Hietkamp of C.C. McLean shows her record breaking form in the girls’ age 13-year-old division at the Island track and field championships last week.

C.C.McLean garners per capita trophy at Island track and field championships

MANITOULIN—The Little Current Public School (LCPS) team are the winners of the 2018 Manitoulin Island track and field championships held last week. Meanwhile the per capita trophy went to Charles C. McLean Public School. Six Island elementary school track and field records were broken during the event.

The total points standings for the overall championship see LCPS in first with a total of 211.5 points, followed by C.C. McLean in second with 161. There was a two-way tie for third place with Central Manitoulin Public School and Assiginack Public School teams both garnering 112.5 points. Wasse-Abin was fifth with 68.5 points, while Lakeview finished sixth with a total of 53 points.

For the per capita points trophy (how many points a school gained per eligible student taking part in the competition), C.C. McLean accumulated 1.27 points per eligible student to take top spot, followed by Assiginack with 1.01 per eligible student in second, LCPS  in third with .83 points, CMPS fourth with a  .70 points per eligible student rate, Lakeview fifth with .41 points and Wasse Abin .38 points.

Individually, in the  boys age nine division, three LCPS students took the top three spots. Greyson Case was first with 11 points, followed by Kohyn Eshkawkogan with 10 and Jack Carter with nine points placing second and third respectively. On the girls’ side, Mya Balfe of CMPS was first with 12 points, followed by Mya Debassige and Damara Wassegiig, both of Lakeview, in second and third with eight and seven points each.

Charles C. McLean athletes pose for a photograph, after winning the per capita trophy at the Island track and field championships, last week.

In the girls age 10-year-old division, Alex Wilson-Zegil of C.C. McLean took top spot with 11 points, followed by Tessa Merrylees, also of C.C. Mclean, second with nine points, and a two-way tie for third with Sadie Bridgeman of CMPS along with Zee Toulouse of LCPS with eight points each.

The boys’ age 10 division saw Rhyis Arthurs of LCPS first with 10.50 points, followed by Cody Campbell of C.C. McLean second with 8.50 points and Jack Koehler of LCPS third with a total of eight points.

The girls age 11-year-old division saw Brooke Gibeault of Assiginack finish in first with 10 points. There  was a two-way tie for second place with Maren Kasunich of Lakeview and Ava Assinewai of CMPS second with nine points each. Finishing third was Annie Balfe of CMPS with eight points. The boys’ division saw Joseph Malachi of C.C. McLean first with 10 points. There was a two-way tie for second with John Michael Taggart  of LCPS and Jayden Hayden of C.C. McLean in second with nine points and Brody Pennie of Assiginack third with eight points.

Sophie Hietkamp of C.C. McLean lands following her record setting jump.

In the girls’ age 12 division, Delaney Bridgeman of CMPS was first with 12 points, Aysia Debassige of LCPS second with 11 points and Shaolin Roy of Wasse Abin third with nine points. On the boys’ side, Alan Wilkin and Billy Biederman, both of LCPS, placed first and second with 12 and eight points respectively. Placing third was Mason Leighton of C.C. McLean with seven points.

Sophie Hietkamp of C.C. McLean took top spot in the girls’ 13 year-old division, garnering a total of 12 points. She was followed by Autumn Deschenes of LCPS, second with nine points and Victoria Trudeau of Wasse Abin with eight points in third.

In the boys’ 13-year-old division, Trent Bell of C.C. McLean and Lattrell Peltier of Wasse Abin tied for first with nine points each. William Fournier of Assiginack finished second with eight points while Sam Assinewai of LCPS was third with six points.

Six new Island elementary track and field records were broken at the event. Two of those were broken by Sophie Hietkamp of C.C. McLean Public School. She broke the girls’ 13 years of age high jump mark, (which had been 1.40 metres), with a new record of 1.50 metres being set. As well, Sophie broke the record in the 13 year old girls 200 metre race with a time of 30.79 seconds, breaking the previous mark of 30.81 seconds. Noah Holmes of Assiginack set the new standard in the 10-year-old boys shot put. Noah set the new record of 8.69 metres, shattering the previous mark of 6.76 metres.

In the girls’ age 10 year-old division in standing long jump, Sadie Bridgeman of CMPS set the new mark of 2.06 metres, breaking the old record of 1.89 metres.

Ava Assinewai of CMPS actually tied the 11-year-old girls’ high jump record at 1.36 metres.

In the girls’ 11-year-old division, Maren Kasunich of Lakeview set a new record for the 1,500 metre race, of 5 minutes 40 seconds, breaking the old mark (5:45) by five seconds.