Little Current United Church peals its bell each noon hour in support of front-line workers, make a joyful noise

LITTLE CURRENT—Little Current residents will notice that the Little Current United Church (LCUC) is making a joyful noise these days with the daily pealing of its bell.

Gail Gjos, a member of the LCUC outreach committee, said she had originally thought the bell should peal for Easter Sunday, but time admittedly got away from her, so she suggested to fellow congregation members that the bell be rung each day at noon.

“I thought, well really and truly, the bell is there and people are going around and honking their horns as a show of support, so why not ring the bell?” Ms. Gjos told The Expositor. “It’s a reminder that the church is still there and a way to bring people some joy—it’s a simple thing we can do and hopefully people will enjoy it.”

The bell will peal almost every day (volunteers permitting) at noon.