Local businesses pick up the education shortfall through fundraisers

To the Expositor
As Christmas season draw closer, some welcome it as a warm, happy time of the year, despite the fact it can be very expensive. To others, it can be a sad time of the year depending on each personal circumstance.
Our current government would have you believe that they are doing everything possible to provide our children’s path through education, one that is seamless and without obstacles. This is not the case and no need for me to list the plethora of shortfalls that our kids face. I say shortfalls because there are so many ways the government can increase the dollar that goes into the classroom and they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.
We see our elementary school children out there fundraising along side the hockey players, figure skaters, and various social clubs, such as cubs, scouts and church groups. Please know they are fundraising for extra construction classroom material and educational class trips that sometimes the financially are left out. It is our area retail businesses that support and give to our communities, filing those various needs. They employ the parents of those kids, give prizes and financial gifts in support of our kids fundraising efforts.
I urge you to support your local retailers where you can. I am aware some prices are so attractive out of town, we have no choice. If you wonder how valuable your dollar is look at the national stores which provide busses to come visit them. This is your personal decision and occasionally, I certainly side with those who travel for shopping, no question! When the bottom line cost is so far apart, you have no option, but share that with your local retailer. “You want my hard earned dollar, then bring your price or quality of product, if that is the issue, in line.”
I do not see the Large “Box stores” even in their communities contributing to local kids teams and various clubs. I have been known to be wrong, but our local retailers, not all, but for the most part are a constant.
As a community, let us show appreciation to them when we are able by visiting them and giving them at least a chance to receive our hard earned dollars—the ones the government doesn’t tax from us. Please, give them a thought and if you can bite the bullet, even if a little, in favour of buying local.
Remember, “A penny saved is a government oversight!”
Larry Killens
South Baymouth