Long live rock and roll! C.C. McLean rocks it out

Rock and roll extravaganza! The Charles C. McLean Public School Grade 5/6 and 6/7 classes presented Rock! The History of Rock N’ Roll in front of a packed gymnasium for two shows recently.

GORE BAY—Wow! There was James Brown, the godfather of soul, the King, Elvis Presley, The Beatles with Ed Sullivan, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello and many, many more, at Charles C. McLean Public School last Thursday and Friday evenings.

Actually, C.C. McLean Grade 5-6 and 6-7 students played the roles of these musical icons and many more as the students presented Rock! The History of Rock N’ Roll.

The music was certainly enjoyed by all those who packed the school gymnasium, as there was a taste of something for everyone to enjoy, from rock and roll, pop rock, rhythm and blues, heavy metal, acid rock, grunge rock, and even rap and disco. It was a night to reminisce about some of the best entertainers and songs of the past.

Conducted by Courtney Lockyer and Lydia Burlein, with the words and music by John Jacobson and Kirby Shaw, the opening scene was highly entertaining with cavemen and cavewomen moving rocks…the hard way!

All the performers then took to the stage to sign and dance to ‘We Put the Rock (Into Rock and Roll),’ followed by the song ‘I’m the King (Elvis Presley)’ played by Rory Dearing.

The next song was ‘Hot Summer Nights/Let’s Surf’ featuring Frankie Avalon played by Anthony Dearing and Lexxie Fawcett in the role of Annette Funicello.

‘We Never Cut Our Hair’ brought out the Beatles with their mop tops and guitars, featuring Kyle Greenwood, Nate Merrylees-Cooper, Nick Purvis, Logan Sampson and the Beatles fans played by Rylan Little, Jonathen Deremo, and Cassandra Temple. Jordan Bailey did a great impression of Ed Sullivan, about describing the upcoming “big shoe” (instead of show) prior to the Beatles appearance.

‘I’m Calling My Mother’ was all about love and Woodstock.

‘I Feel Good,’ was the main thing James Brown (played by Mason Leighton) had to say as the song ‘It’s in My Soul’ while Disco saw John Travolta played by Tristin Tolsma.

There were then short musical clips of various genres, followed by everyone taking part in the reprise of ‘We Put the Rock (into rock and roll).’

The cast also included Xander Bentley, Rylee Cunningham, Hayden Lloyd, Trent Bell, Jorja Croft, Joshua Foster, Sophie Hietkamp, Damien Hore, Amelia Lewis, Cindy Middleton, Trish Patterson, Journey Ruyter-Hoffleith, Tyannah Witty, Mary Hore, Bella Jefkins, Caylee Little, Rachael Orford, Abby Witty, Austin Hayden, Chase Hester, Jacob Kennedy, Dylan Lockhart, Lauren MacKay, Gwenyth McLeod, Ayriell Nodecker, Macy Pearson, Kyle Wood, Sylena Wright.

Long live rock and roll!