Low fat, low salt, low sugar is the future

To The Expositor:

For years I’ve been on the low fat, low salt, low sugar bandwagon. I have persuaded the Foodland in Mindemoya to bring in deli meats-beef and ham-that have 20 percent less sodium. For instance, a 55 g serving of this ham has 390 mg of salt as compared to a range of as much as 1,000 mg of salt per 60 g of other hams.

Problem: The package of low-sodium meat needs to be sold within 7 days of opening. I am informing the public of the availability so that this product will be available year-round as many Islanders need low sodium products to facilitate heart-healthy diets.

The store also carried low sodium bacon in two brands-one of which substitutes the removed sodium with potassium (as many, many food producers are doing). If you (meaning the public) are already taking a potassium supplement, use the other brand.

My message: Eating healthy sometimes requires more expensive products. As more people jump on the low sodium, low fat, low sugar bandwagon, these products will become the norm and prices should be lower.

Family doctors will thank you for being more health conscious. You have talked the talk, now is the time to walk the walk!

A healthier you is less of a drain on the health system and your children will eat healthier too.

Thanks for helping to get this important message across.


Sandra O’Brien (retired nurse)