Low income “people in financial needs” left out of rebates

Those who pay for electricity in their rent left out of the equation

To the Expositor:

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) hydro bill reduction just doesn’t cut it for me and most likely tens, if not hundreds of thousands of peoples in financial needs (PIFINS). For those that are paying rent that has built-in or other costs included in their rental payments, we pay again for the wealthier. Specifically, in this particular case, rent paid in Ontario, including electricity. (As far as I know, no one gets Ontario hydro for free). Qualifications for reductions do not include those who need it most—PIFINS) struggling to pay tuition, put food on their tables, pay for diapers. I enjoy a paltry income of under $15,000 per year, earned from many years of blood, sweat and tears (BST). My rent (including hydro) represents 61 percent of monthly income.

Q: Where is the qualification for that probably familiar representation? A: doesn’t exist or non applicable. My Landlord may qualify. I enjoy a relatively good relationship as a responsible tenant. I Don’t begrudge my wealthy landlord his share of the wonderful socio-economic piece of this great province’s pie. May I have my somewhat meager share of same please? 

From a PIFIN, 

Michael R. White