M.S.S. in the Halls

Presentations, sports and spirit activities provided many opportunities for MSS students. Three sports seasons came to an end last week. James Scott, a Grade 10 student at MSS, ran OFSAA cross-country on Friday, November 6 in Collingwood. The conditions were particularly challenging after heavy rains the day before. James recounted, “There was a huge puddle, and someone stepped in it and sunk up to their knees.” James ran a great race, placing 68th out of 284 competitors. James represented our school very well under less than ideal conditions.

The girls’ basketball teams went to Elliot Lake on Tuesday, November 10 to play their semi- final games of the season. Both teams played a great season, improving their skills, and impressing their coaches. The Juniors lost their game 52-27, but the score was close until halftime when the Mustangs dropped to only five players. The Seniors lost their game 47-23 but came off the court proud of themselves for a good game. Kennedy Lanktree, a forward on the Senior team said, “Both teams played a really good season. I just wish it had gone longer.”

The boys’ volleyball teams finished off their season at NSSSA last Wednesday. Both teams lost their first match to Elliot Lake but played really well in both cases. The coaches, Mr. Kategiannis (senior) and Mr. Wesno (junior), are proud of their teams for playing so well.

Three new sports teams are underway. Girls volleyball tryouts have started, and many strong athletes are vying for spots on the teams. Boys’ basketball is also starting up. Additionally, the gymnastics season has started again, and the coaches, Mrs. Theijsmeijer and Ms. Ferguson, are busy training their team and helping the newer members get into the flow.

On Wednesday, November 11 Bryce Mastelko and Emily Hnatyshen organized a Remembrance Day ceremony for the school and community members. The senior band played ‘To Absent Friends.’ Vocal Group sang a version of the poem ‘In Flander’s Fields’ for the 100th anniversary of the poem. Emily and Bryce reminded MSS about the importance of remembering the sacrifices made. The Manitoulin Honour Roll was read by Sabrina Trudeau, Emily and Bryce. Emily Hnatyshen, one of the organizers, said, “The organizational efforts of everyone involved paid off, I am honoured that that we were able to conduct a ceremony that was memorable, respectful, and near seamless. Students seemed to have positive things to say. Everyone who I spoke with after the ceremony had taken a message away from it.”

On Friday, two Royal Canadian Armed Forces recruiters came into MSS to share the opportunities in the Armed Forces. Two Grade 10 classes and 10 other students listened to the presentations and asked plenty of questions. Attending students learned about positions, including non-commissioned and regular officers. Petty Officer Fisher and Sergeant McGregor told the students about the places they have travelled, the training they each went through, and the process for enlisting. They presented about basic training, First Nations enrollment, and regular officer training.

On Friday, it was camouflage day to celebrate the start of hunting season. The halls seemed a lot emptier than usual, but the students were only blending in with their camo. It was also Rock your Mocs day to celebrate First Nations’ Heritage Month. Students were happy to be in their comfy moccasins all day.

Students were excited about the first snowfall of the year and a long P.D. Day weekend.

’Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.