M.S.S Kids in the Halls

May the fourth be with you! That’s right, today, Wednesday, May 4, is Star Wars day. As you probably guessed, that means I have a joke for you:

Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files? Adobe Wan Kenobi.

Two weeks ago, 11 MSS athletes participated in the two-day NOSSA (Northern Ontario Secondary School Athletics) badminton tournament at St. Benedict Secondary School in Sudbury. The novice team that attended NOSSA included Noah Thorpe, novice boys’ singles; Aspen Debassige, novice girls’ singles; Cash Duchene-Milne and Tessa Merrylees, novice mixed doubles. Four athletes brought home the junior division trophy with some incredible results! Eli Lock and Mackenzie Green won gold in the junior mixed doubles and Annie Balfe won gold in the junior girls’ singles. Also a part of the junior division was TJ Green who played very well in the boys’ singles event. Unfortunately this year there will be no province-wide, OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations) junior division championships taking place. The senior badminton team that represented MSS included Brett Mastelko in the boys’ singles and Julian Wemigwans and Jared Cortes playing in the boys’ doubles. Great job, Mustangs!

Spymaster is officially up and running. Students can be seen sneaking through the halls trying to get from class to class without getting caught or strategically planning their routes throughout the halls in order to either catch their target or avoid someone. The game kicked off the morning of Monday, May 2. Participants are assigned a target that they must try to catch. In order to catch their target, they have to take their clothespin that they are given and sneak up on the person without them knowing and ‘pin’ them successfully. They can pin the person’s clothing, hair, backpack, etc. The article in which they pin must be attached to the person, not something they are carrying. When they catch their target, they take that person’s target and continue playing. The winner of Spymaster is whoever is the last one standing. Go, spies, go!

Graduates! It’s time to order your graduation gowns! The fee is $30 and it can be purchased on SchoolCash Online, https://rainbowschools.schoolcashonline.com/. If you have never used SchoolCash Online before, instructions can be found on the Rainbow District School Board website. You will have to make an account on the website in order to go through with your purchase.

Just a reminder that graduation photos have once again been moved. They are now scheduled to take place for three days beginning Wednesday, May 25. Please mark the new date on your calendar. Students getting photos should have received an email with their new date and time. Photo sessions can still be booked at prestigeportraits.ca if you have not done so. New bookings cannot be done on a phone, please use a computer or go to the guidance office for help.

You can tell spring is here because both tennis and track and field practices are officially happening after school! Mr. Theijsmeijer is coaching the tennis team and Mr. Balfe is coaching the track team. Listen to the morning announcements to hear when practices are after school to ensure you don’t miss them if you are a part of either team. Also don’t forget to sign up for the late bus if you are staying after school and need a ride.

Joke of the week: Don’t be worried about your smartphone and smart TV spying on you. Your vacuum has been gathering dirt on you for years!

Upcoming events include tennis, track and field and Spymaster.

Until the next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”