M.S.S Kids in the Halls

The vibrant fall leaves now cover every stretch of road on the way to school and the sounds of geese flying south echo when you’re outside. We are well into autumn, Mustangs! 

Some exciting Halloween events are coming up at MSS! On Friday, October 28 we will be hosting a Halloween dance from 7 to 10 pm. A night full of dancing, music, and most importantly, cupcakes. Students can wear their Halloween costume or formal attire (or both). Tickets will be sold from the 17th right up until the day of the dance. One ticket is $10 and tickets for groups of two are $15. People interested in helping decorate for the dance can join us in the student council room on Wednesday the 19th for a quick meeting. This author is looking forward to seeing everyone at the dance!

On Friday, October 14 a group of students took off to Stratford for the theatre festival there! That day they attended the production ‘Death and the King’s Horseman.’’ Students were able to have a workshop via Zoom meeting a few days prior with one of the performers in the show. The next day students went to two workshops in the morning, one of which was a stage-fighting workshop. They then attended ‘1939’ and ‘Hamlet’ in the afternoon and evening. They were also given the opportunity to explore Stratford and see the cool shops around the city. That night, students went to see ‘Chicago’ before returning back to the Island.

Back at MSS, Friday, October 14 was also Plaid day! Students got dressed up in their flannel and warm sweaters to show their school spirit. 

That’s it for this week! Go, Mustangs, go!