M.S.S. Kids in the Halls

This week has been full of sporting events and school participation. Share Go Green and many students from around the Island were part of the We Scare Hunger campaign, collecting over 1,271 non-perishable items for the Manitoulin Food Bank. Most households were happy to contribute to the cause and gave the participants a treat as a bonus.

The final games of pre-NSSSA girls’ basketball took place on Thursday when the Elliot Lake Atoms came to play their second game against MSS. The seniors played a very close game, and the final score was 24-22 for the Atoms. The juniors also played a close game, with great defense. The outcome was 24-18 for the Atoms. Hannah Woestenenk says, “I think it went well, even though we lost we still played a great game.” Semi-finals for girls’ basketball and boys’ volleyball are coming up this week.

The girls’ hockey team won their first home game 4-1 against St. Benedict’s. Kylie Cranston says, “The game was really good and the entire team played really well.” The young team and coach were proud of themselves and are busy preparing for their next game.

November 24 is the Rainbow Right’s Alliance Pride Day. Pride Day t-shirts have been designed by the group of teens and pre-orders ($16) for the shirts are available. The group is excited, designing posters, writing songs, and getting ready to bake a cake for this event. The purpose of Pride Day is to teach staff and students about the LGBT culture, which is a part of all communities. Megan Meisner says, “After the strike last year, we weren’t sure if we would be able to have a Pride Day for 2015. Fortunately, we’ve managed to really stay focused with planning Pride for November 24, and it’s coming along very well. This year’s Pride Day focuses on the tenth year anniversary of marriage equality in Canada as well as the legalization of marriage equality in America! Pride Day this year includes a DJ, cake cutting ceremony, lots of food, a special guest and much, much more! Everyone is so excited for Pride Day as it’s an event the whole school looks forward to every year!”

On Wednesday, Ms. Ferguson, Mr. Doane and Mrs. Heinen took their Grade 10 history classes to the Kagawong war museum. The classes learned about World War I, World War II, and the War of 1812. They learned lots about how the First Nations and Canadian troops fought for Britain, and about different Canadian leaders. The students were respectful, and didn’t horse around in the museum. Upon returning to the school, they shared about their trip with friends who didn’t go, but they wouldn’t share the chocolate treats they picked up.

The week was busy with teachers preparing for their midterm reports, and students were studying for tests, practicing for sports, and preparing awesome school-wide activities. Next week there will certainly be more sports victories and more great school participation. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.