Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club elects officers and directors at annual general meeting

MANITOULIN—Members of the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club were in attendance for their annual general meeting on Saturday, November 29 in Little Current. Elections of officers were held and the three incumbents; President Al Boyd, Vice President Jim McLean and Treasurer Lorraine McLean were all acclaimed.

Three directors were also appointed: Mike Maciuk, Bob Playter and Jerry Kitts. Rusty Auxier was named as the repeater trustee.

Al Boyd welcomed all to the meeting and gave an update on the status of the club and information on the new emergency communications repeater that was installed this past summer to replace the older existing one. This repeater is the back-up communications system for all the communities on Manitoulin that require it in the case of a disaster.

Lorraine McLean presented the group with the full financial statement for the club and talked about the membership numbers as well.

Jim McLean, the ARES emergency coordinator for Manitoulin and the North Shore, gave a presentation on the work of the ARES group throughout the past year and how busy they were compared to previous years. The club lends its support to all the groups that request it, from the annual Haweater Parade to the many festivals and other events during the year.

The club has 22 trained IMS certified ARES members available in case of any emergency in which they are summoned.