Manitoulin Centennial Manor board minutes

Board welcomes new member

Longtime Manitoulin Centennial Manor board member Kathy Davidson retired from the board last month and has been replaced by Billings Councillor Tom Imrie as the Gore Bay and Billings municipal representative on the board.

Strategic planning

The board is continuing to develop its strategic plan and hopes to hold another committee meeting to ‘firm up’ ideas before presenting a draft budget to the board.

The board also hopes to meet with representatives from the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) to discuss its strategic objectives to help shape the Manor board plan.

Board explores home’s future

Board Chair Paul Moffat and Vice Chair Pat MacDonald gave a report on a phone conference they had with representatives from the NE LHIN.

“We were told that the Manor is the most sought after home on Manitoulin,” explained Ms. MacDonald. “The majority of people seeking long-term care on Manitoulin want to be at the Manor. This puts us in a good location moving forward with anything such as possible expansion.”

“They also informed us that there are 14 small homes that are ‘C’ level in the region (the Manor is an ‘A’ level home) that are going to be eligible for redevelopment. These homes will either have to bring their homes up to standard or sell their licence.”

Ms. MacDonald said that the NE LHIN reps had reiterated that the Manor has mandated beds which is different from the other homes on Manitoulin (opposed to licenced beds).

“They stressed that they are really focused on assisted living and suggested that if this is something we are interested in we could look at opportunities to partner,” Ms. MacDonald continued. “I think we should review the study we had done (Continuum of Care Business Plan) and see if there is anything we can take from it.”

Pentti Palonen said he felt this was a bad idea because, in his opinion, the plans presented in the Continuum of Care hadn’t been feasible for the Manor.

Wendy Gauthier said she agreed with Ms. MacDonald and would like to see the Continuum of Care and any other past documents on the subject, noting “there could be something useful that we can draw out.”

“The meeting with the NE LHIN was productive,” Ms. MacDonald concluded. “It put us on their radar and now they know we are interested in more beds.”

Administrator’s report

Manor administrator Michelle Bond reviewed her monthly report with the board. She said she was pleased to report that the flooring fundraising, to replace all the carpet in the facility with tile, had reached the $7,000 mark of the $11,000 goal.

“We only have five-six residents rooms left to do downstairs and then we can start upstairs,” said Ms. Bond.

Ms. Bond also reported that a $10,000 private donation had been made to replace the call bell system.

Board accepts oil tender

The board reviewed oil tenders from Manitoulin Fuels for $83.85 per litre, McDougall Energy for $88.59 per litre and Petro Canada for $87.29 per litre. The board carried a motion to accept the lowest tender, Manitoulin Fuels, which is also the current provider for the facility. The rate will be effective as of June 1.

Fundraising update

Ms. Gauthier updated the board on the home’s fundraising campaign. As the campaign for the flooring has neared its goal, she suggested they turn their attention to the call bell system.

‘Calling on You’ will be the slogan for the new call bell system fundraising campaign which the board hopes to launch in the near future.

Ms. Bond said that the facility is still waiting on two more quotes for the new system. Once the board has an idea of the cost, they will set their fundraising goal and launch the campaign.

Ms. Gauthier suggested they follow the lead of the Manitoulin Health Centre, which is “very effective” at fundraising. As part of Manor’s campaign, they hope to partner with the Manor Auxiliary, provide updates on the campaign in the facility’s monthly newsletter and plaster the Island with flyers to correspond with newspaper advertisements.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Manitoulin Centennial Manor board will be Thursday, June 18 at 10 am.