Manitoulin Centennial Manor board passes 2015 budget, municipalities to see a two percent increase

LITTLE CURRENT—The Manitoulin Centennial Manor board passed its 2015 budget at its meeting last week which included a two percent increase to municipal contributions totaling $304,796.

The final approved budget had several changes introduced, many specifically to lower the bottom line.

Extendicare Regional Director Keith Clement explained to the board that although the 2014 final audited statement had not yet been completed, the board was likely looking at a $63,000 surplus, however the surplus was lower then they had anticipated due to going over-budget on agency staffing and overspending on food by $35,000.

Mr. Clement assured the board that Extendicare and Manor staff had developed a plan of action to ensure that this did not happen again in 2015 through a change in the Manor’s nursing schedule and internal controls regarding food.

“I’m concerned that last year the municipalities contributed more (a three percent increase) and it looks like it got eaten up,” said board member Pat MacDonald. “It just bothers me—we gave more and we are further behind.”

Manor administrator Michelle Bond explained that the board was still looking at a surplus for 2014, it was just $10,000 more than they anticipated due to agency staffing costs and going over-budget in food.

Mr. Clement walked the board through the changes to the 2015 budget since the last board meeting starting with the municipal contribution.

“One area you will notice is the request from the board to lower the municipal contributions from a three percent increase to two percent,” said Mr. Clement.

Mr. Clement said that the new budget also reflected an increase to the RPN line item, explaining that this was part of an approach to change nursing schedules and would save the Manor money in the long run, not having to bring in agency staff as frequently.

He also said that they reduced the food budget by $5,000, feeling that the new proposed changes would bring the line item in on budget.

A large line item on the previous budget had been the purchase of two bath tubs for the facility. Mr. Clement said that they had been lucky in securing one of the tubs for $2,000, used from a closing facility but in excellent condition, and only budgeted $10,000 for the second tub in the hopes of utilizing the remaining $20,000 of the $30,000 cost from the gala funds (Extendicare holds fundraising golf tournaments and events that their service providers, such as Shopper’s Drug Mart and Medical Pharmacies Group, participate in and donate funds to then donate to all of Extendicare’s homes including the Manor, at an annual gala to be used to enhance resident care).

“The bottom line of the new budget is a $86,950 surplus, opposed to the initial budgeted $99,000 surplus,” Mr. Clement concluded.

A motion to approve the proposed 2015 Manitoulin Centennial Manor budget was moved by board member Paul Moffat and seconded by Pentti Palonen. The motion was carried by the board.